Keep Your Account Safe

Protecting your account is our top priority. We utilize industry leading technology and best practices to secure your account information. As the owner of the account, you can also take steps to protect yourself against identity theft and other security risks.

How We Keep Your Information Safe

  • Strong encryption to protect online transactions
  • Multi-factor authentication required to access services
  • Automatic timeout of unattended sessions
  • Logging of all access and transactions
  • Contact your Advisor and/or Pershing Advisor Solutions at (877) 870-7230 to report suspicious activity

Protect Your Information Online

  • Limit information posted to Social Networks
  • Review who can see your information on Social Networks
  • Use different passwords for each online service
  • Encrypt data that is backed up to the cloud
  • Permanently remove data from old mobile devices
  • Wipe hard drive before disposing of a computer
  • Store financial documents in a safe place
  • Shred financial documents prior to disposal
  • Opt out of prescreened credit card offers
  • Limit the information you carry when you go out
  • Before vacations, place your mail on hold
  • Remove and destroy prescription labels

Keep Your Devices Secure

  • Use anti-virus software and a firewall
  • Ensure security software is up to date and running
  • Encrypt data sent via a public wireless network
  • Utilize strong passwords for computers and mobile devices
  • Physically secure laptops when used outside the home
  • Confirm the sender before opening files or clicking links
  • Avoid sharing devices with personal information